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Dengue Fever revives the seems of Cambodia

Author:Tony Date:2011-4-20 4:51:11
No solo strap can encompass the multifarious social melange that is Los Angeles, but Dengue Fever captures the dizzying way that seemingly disparate variations slide collectively using the Southland, developing a little something strikingly new.

Keyboardist Ethan Holtzman released Dengue Fever with his brother, guitarist and vocalist Zac Holtzman, in 2001 pursuing a mix-tape he obtained in Phnom Penh sparked his imagination. Cambodia isn't typically linked to giddy, psychedelic pop music, but using the previous due 1960s and earlier 1970s, the Southeast Asian country turned right into a rock 'n' roll hothouse inflamed from the surf rock, spirit and garage-band hits broadcast on U.S. Armed Forces stereo to American troops in neighboring Vietnam.

According toward Palm Springs Desert Sun, through Ethan Holtzman's trip to Southeast Asia, his traveling companion contracted dengue fever, and Holtzman believed it sounded fascinating enough to take advantage of using the band's name.

In adapting music by Khmer pop icons for example Ros Sereysothea, Sinn Sisamouth and Pan Ron, the kin set up out to discover a vocalist who could sing the reliable lyrics, a research that took them to extended Beach's bustling Cambodian community. They encountered Chhom Nimol executing in the karaoke bar. A vivacious vocalist from the musical family, she experienced appear to California to hold out at a Cambodian New Year's celebration in 2000. pursuing residing using the place for about two years, she was ready to proceed on.

"People from Canada, Australia and

France wanted me to sing there," says Nimol, who performs with Dengue Fever on Wednesday on the Fillmore, then returns using the strap on April 27 for just about any gig at Moe's Alley. "A name in Cambodia wanted me to create a record. But my sister life here, and a few of my aged friends. They said, 'You arrived right here already, why go back?'

"That's when Zac and Ethan arrived searching for me."

With bassist Senon Williams, drummer Paul Smith, and David Ralicke on saxophones, flutes and several brass instruments, Dengue Fever released an eponymous album in 2003 covering hits from Cambodia's golden age of pop, all sung in Khmer. With groovy Farfisa organ lines and stinging surf rock guitar licks, Dengue Fever produced a appear that was each comfortingly common and enticingly exotic.

Rather than merely plunder Cambodian pop, Dengue Fever has progressively used near to the music's weighty history. In 2005, the strap carried out near to Cambodia, a tour that permitted Nimol to reconnect with her fans even although celebrating a era of designers who have been practically completely wiped out from the Khmer Rouge's genocide even although in the mid-1970s.

John Pirozzi's documentary "Sleepwalking by applying the Mekong" captured the triumphant tour, and aided increase attention in the enduring scars left from the killing fields.

Last year, Dengue Fever toured widely, marketing the discharge of "Electric Cambodia" (Minky Records), a compact disc featuring 14 vintage Cambodian pop tunes culled by applying the Holtzmans' useful stash of cassettes. The album's proceeds go to Cambodian residing Arts, an institution dedicated to reviving Cambodian conventional art work types and supporting modern artistic expression.

"As much as we know, none (of the musicians near to the CD) survived the genocide," says bassist Senon Williams. "If you have been well-known for producing this music, you have been earliest to acquire a knock near to the door, jointly with architects, professors, doctors, lawyers, designers and politicians."

In the United States, Dengue Fever's tunes has supplied a gateway to Khmer pop, infiltrating soundtracks to films and television set exhibits just like "Weeds," "Must adore Dogs" and "Broken Flowers."

The band's new album, "Cannibal Courtship," is its earliest discharge on Fantasy Records. It features generally genuine tunes and Nimol singing practically as drastically in English as Khmer.

The effects are no much less striking, since the strap has produced the Cambodian influences element of the broader stylistic palette.

"The Cambodian pop was the first effect that obtained us started, and will consistently be an influence," Ethan Holtzman says. "But in current years, we've been much more influenced from the tunes we come throughout even although touring. We do numerous exhibits in Asia with Seun Kuti and Egypt 80, who are about probably the most very helpful reside strap ever, and that inspired us.

"You can undoubtedly listen to some Afrobeat rhythms near to the brand new album."

Like probably the most very helpful artists, Dengue Fever doesn't borrow so drastically as ingest and transform several sounds. The particular influences didn't need to come about jointly in Los Angeles, however the strap believes how the Southland's seemingly boundless tunes scene enabled a specific arranged of influences to coalesce and evolve.

"A great offer of grownup males and females give L.A. a undesirable rap," Ethan Holtzman says. "But it's an exceptional area getting a great broad variety of completely different cultures crammed into this huge sprawl. That's why we have been in a placement to pull this off.

"The notion needed a singer who knew these songs. I didn't understand that extended beachfront experienced a tremendous Khmer population. Ultimately, we've consistently experienced the independence to finish what we wanted."

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